My name is Valerie Eliason and I am a formerly Boston based artist and avid volunteer. Three years ago I moved across country to the Pacific North West to discover and pursue a new culture of art. I have spent the past ten years actively and passionately immersing myself within the visual art and nonprofit communities. I love traveling, meeting new people discovering new cultures, and am always looking for opportunities to help people through art.

For as long as I can remember, Art has been the primary focus in my life. I’ve known, with certainty, that whatever career I pursued, I wanted Art to be the primary foundation. I attended Framingham State University in Massachusetts, where I declared “Studio Art” as my major, and successfully completed my BA in 2008. Upon graduating, I moved to Boston where I dove head first into exploring each and every opportunity I could find to pursue my passion. I volunteered at galleries, applied for internships, attended and participated in “Open Studios” events and introduced myself to every Local Art Council or Committee Member that I could find. It was throughout those experiences that I found my primary objective in life: I wanted to connect nonprofit groups and community focused organizations with Art, to utilize creativity as a tool to inspire and help people.
A few years later, during the Spring of 2017 I moved from the East Coast of the country to the West Coast and quickly settled into the beautiful PNW. I was enamored, almost instantly, by the multitude of unique Artist communities in Portland and immediately felt at home. My first year here I participated in over ten gallery shows and was creating nearly every day, but I hadn’t gotten any closer to achieving my objective. That was when I realized, that a broader and more advanced set of skills was going to be necessary to pursue my goal. I had been briefly introduced to the the Vancouver Campus of Washington State University this past summer after learning about “Titan VanCoug”, an incredibly rare Corpse Flower that was expected to bloom for the very first time after 17 long years of being nurtured by Dr. Sylvester, an Associate Professor of Molecular Bioscience. I have a fascination with bizarre and unusual species, and was thrilled to be able to observe something as rare and unique as a Corpse Flower in person. So when I had finally made my decision to pursue a more advanced degree, WSU was the first place that came to mind. After exploring all possible options, I decided on the Strategic Communications program, and enrolled for the Spring 2020 Semester to begin the new decade boldly.
The creation of this WordPress Blog will serve as the building blocks and first official academic steps towards achieving my objective. It is my hope, that the content I create here establishes valuable paths that effectively and creatively bring Art and nonprofit groups together and inspires the change we all want to be in the world.